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Welcome to the College Integrated Planning System (CIPS). The goal of this system is to integrate the various college planning processes and forms into one online system that leverages the inter-connected nature of the planning process.

At the present time the Program Review and Forecast (PrOF) must be completed online. Online forms and reports for Unit Plans, Assessment Reporting, Capital Outlay Budget (COB) proposals, and ITMB proposals are currently under construction.

PrOF Directions

To access your PrOF click on the Program Review and Forecast (PrOF) Tab, which is located across the top of the page. 

The Program Review and Forecast (PrOF) List page contains an alphabetically list of all academic and service area programs.  The right column contains links labeled "View/Edit PrOF" that provide access to individual program PrOFs.  The ability to "edit" individual PrOFs is limited to a designated "editor" for each program.  If you are the PrOF lead for your program and are unable to "edit" your PrOF answers, please email Kathy McLain.